(the turtle) started life as a 1929 Austin 7 "Chummy" (model AD Tourer) in Nelson & lived around that area until the mid 2000's. Before then she had quite a few owners, eventually ending up being bought as front wheels, chassis & engine by Des Plummer. Des carefully gathered pieces over many years before putting her back together again & handcrafting a replica of the traditional C-cab delivery body. As he didn't have blueprints for the body he based it on a jigsaw puzzle he had with a C-cab on it. Knowing the wheel diameter  he based his measurements as a ratio of that.

"Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out."
James Bryant Conant
On the 1st day God said  "Let there be rock",
in the year of '22 Austin said "Let there be roll",
in the new millenium Des said
"Let there be harmony."
Starring role by Mercury, the neighbour's Jack Russell (boss of all within his sight)
Des' labour of love - the building of "Myrtle" into a  C-cab delivery van
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The jigsaw puzzle Des worked from
He dreams of the finish line ....
An uninspiring start
.... progress ....
.... & finished, sitting beside another of Des' A7s
Her first photo shoot in Christchurch
Vintage Austin Register "Austins over the Plains" rally celebrating the 7 & 12/4's 90th Anniversary (Mar. 16-18, 2012)
65 vintage Austins attended the Sat. morn. photo shoot
With her 12/4 cousin
Field trials - ably assisted by Alan
(pic courtesy of Alan White)
Myrtle's number plate is actually I929 A7, here she is beside the real 1929 A7 number plate
Back with her maker, Des
Myrtle took out both the "People's Choice"
- a fitting tribute to Des' craftsmanship -
& the Field Trials award (cheers Alan)
on this, her 1st venture out
with the Canterbury branch of the VAR
(pic courtesy of Wayne Stocks)
.... "Happy" coincidence?
.... a friend in the UK lives on the corner of this street.
Jessica, his daughter,
poses in her finery.
Eli gets comfy
.... Easter weekend 2012 she got herself picture-ified in the local newspaper here
- resplendant amongst the modern bohemoths!
Problems with an A7 infestation?
Compliments to Shane Michael's for letting me use his stunning photo - Myrtle in front of my favourite scuplture in Christchurch - entitled "Passing time, 2010" by Anton Parsons (outside the Chch. Polytech)
"When I grow up ......."
With a 150 ton rated  T908 Kenworth
(Photos used by kind permission of T. Smith)
Myrtle - media star
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The wee girl seems to have a magnetic quality about her when it comes to the media! :-
.... a 1/2 hour interview on the 26 May 2013 Spectrum programme on Radio New Zealand with Deborah Nation here (click on the play button on that page for the streamed interview)
.... a 2+ minute piece filmed with Alexander Robertson of the Christchurch Polytech Broadcasting School here on Youtube
....  28 March 2013 picture & story-ified in the Christchurch Mail, a local newspaper
....  April 2013 picture & story-ified in the North & South magazine - this is but part of a travel story "Heartbeat City" written by Sarah Lang with photo by Guy Frederick
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