"Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into
the happiness that you are able to give."
Eleanor Roosevelt
I saw my first Austin 7 Chummy as a young child - it was love at first sight - & promised himself to get one ...... one day.
Then, at age 15, I was offered one that lived down the road from my aunt for free - it had been on blocks since the end of WW2 & needed a new battery & tyres - sadly I had no way of getting it home. Over the years I saw not a few more (often on both the way to, & way from, the airport for international travels), each time with that familiar tug of the heart strings.

Hmmmm ....... the A35 .... well ......ooooh so curvy 'n cute & what luxury to have a car that is sealed (not to mention having a non-period radio/casette deck!)

& as for the Goggomobil ..... first saw micro cars at an iconic Christchurch automobilia shop, Fazazz, & amongst the zaniness of some of them encountered the serious wee Goggo - what a name!

.... & the business?
The initial purchase of wee Happy (& the loss of my central Chch shop to earthquakes) led to wanting to share the smile that Happy brought me. The wee lass has become a tad iconic to our rebirthing central city & is but a small example of the positives amongst the demolition/rebuild.

     Austin, 7 & A35
     Goggo & TS400